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The Coasters, Inc is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide support to the competitive gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders as well as the coaches at Mid-Coast Gymnastics. All parents of competitive team members are automatic members of Coasters.  Members are required to donate their time and talents to support the athletes, coaches, and gym.


Board of Directors

Voting for the Board of Directors takes place during a Coasters meeting in May. All Coasters members have the right to vote. The Board of Directors are elected for a term of one year. If officers run unopposed they may remain in the same position indefinitely.


Mid-Coast Owner – Kim Wickham (

President – Shari Rogers

Vice President - Gretchen Klahr

Secretary – Denise Taylor

Treasurer – Jen rice


Email –

All officers’ mailboxes are located behind the front desk at the gym.


Coasters Meetings


Meetings are held once a month.   We encourage all families to attend to stay involved in gym happenings.  The meeting date and time is chosen based upon when the majority of team members are already at the gym. We attempt to make it convenient for as many as possible to attend. The meeting schedule for the season is shared in September. Meeting dates are posted in the gym and on our facebook page.


Coasters Accounts

Each gym family has a Coasters Account in which fundraiser funds are deposited. The money earned in these accounts can then be transferred to Kim at Mid-Coast to pay for tuition, meet fees, leotards, or other expenses. For balance inquiries or transfers from your Coasters account to the gym you must contact the Coasters Treasurer by emailing When requesting a transfer of funds be sure to note exactly what you would like your money to be used for.



Fundraisers help subsidize costs for gym families. Through fundraisers you can earn money in your Coasters account to help pay for tuition, meet fees, leotards, and other gym costs.


We are always looking for people to organize fundraisers! If you have a great fundraising idea that you would like to organize please complete the fundraising form below and bring to the next Coasters meeting or if you need approval before then you can email the completed form to



Families are encouraged to acquire sponsors. These sponsorships benefit the individual gymnasts, teams, and the gym as well as the local businesses.  For each sponsor acquired, your gymnasts receives 80% of the sponsorship amount in their Coasters account and 20% will go to the Coasters general fund to pay for the sponsor perks, meet expenses, gym equipment, etc.  Click on the links below for a copy of the sponsorship guidelines, business letters, and forms. For more information about sponsorships, email


Click on the links below to open attached files and forms.
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